X20/X90 is one of the most advanced PLC platforms. Wide-range of libraries and freedom of coding in C programming language means that this platform perfectly fits IoT applications. These controllers have the capability to send the data directly to the SQL database or Cloud without using any software in the middle.

Rockwell Automation is a market leader in automation and industrial information technology. A wide range of software and excellent control platform makes the brand the best choice for the most prominent systems.

Telit is one of the best IoT solutions currently available on the market. Telit offers everything that you need to connect your factory to the database or cloud without any custom code. If you are looking for reliability and performance, Telit is the right choice.

Enter the PI System and its ability to collect, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations.

The best choice if you need to handle a large amount of time series data with the best performance. Influx data offers a complete solution to collect the metrics (Telegraf), store them (InfluxDB) and analyze (Flux).

Ignition mostly recognized for its flawless SCADA system. Ignition SCADA combines an unlimited licensing model, with instant web-based deployment, and the industry-leading toolset for— all on one open and scalable universal platform.