Product Traceability Systems

Traceability is the ability to trace all processes from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption, and disposal to clarify "when and where the product was produced by whom." We provide key-turn solutions to realize this functionality. Our systems may be integrated with existing corporate systems such as Active Directory and the existing database structures.

Database Integration

The database solutions are the integrated parts of the modern manufacturing environment. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in Microsoft T-SQL programming and Time-Series database technologies. Depending on your requirements, we can even deliver a cost-effective solution based on open-source technology.

Active Directory Integration

Corporate-wide security has become a standard in the modern factory. We can deliver a custom solution for many control systems. Using in-house, developed encrypting solutions, we can transfer your domain user credentials securely to the corporate domain directly from the control platform. After the positive verification, we can assign user privileges based on his Active Directory group.